First project meeting: Spain / Portugal

First project meeting was held in Noia (Spain) and Santarem (Portugal) form October 21st to October 29th 2012. All delegations were warmly welcomed by the organizers from Spain and Portugal. Our hosts were su IES "Campo de San Alberto" (Noia, Spain) i Socialgest, Consultadoria Em Economia Social Lda (Santarem, Portugal).

Croatian delegation was represented by Vesna Kezdorf, local project coordinator and Iva Bosiljevac, local member on the project

Mr. Jesus Montero Sanchez, the coordinator for this Grundtvig project, has reviewed the basic points of the project and presented goals in line with activities focused on the final products of the project

Online activities of the project, conducted by the participants, were performed by the use of a Moodle platform. All information on the project can also be found on the project web page.


Second project meeting: Italy / Greece

Second project meeting was held from March 3rd to March 9th in Caserti (Italy) and Volosu (Greece). Our Italian host was Istituto Statale di Istruzione Superiore "Galileo  Ferraris" and our Greek host was Second Chance School of Volos.

Project partners have presented results thus far and local activities for the production of final products through a series of work meetings. Partners have agreed on the further steps in the implementation of local activities and the modes of cooperation of the nine project partners.

Italian and Greek hosts have introduces us to the local culture, history and sights and have, through specially designed „literary routes“, introduced us to a selection of their countries' literary opuses.


Third project meeting: Denmark

Project meeting in Denmark was held from June 2nd to June 5th in Slagelseu. The host of the meeting was Slagelse Sprogcenter (Slagelse Language Centre) and all 9 project partners participated. Once more we presented activities thus far and results of the project implemented locally in the project countries.

During a literary route we we introduced to the hosts' city sights and were warmly welcomed by deputy mayor. On a specially designed literary route we have visited Odense, hometown of H.C. Andersen.


Fourth project meeting: Croatia  -  (short video overview)

After Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Denmark, the moment has come for the Croatian team to host participants from 8 European countries in a two day stay at Zagreb and Zagorje. We have prepared a special programe for over 40 participants in which we introduced them to the rich Croatian history and literary opuses of our most famous authors.

On the first day we visited Zagreb through a specially designed literary route: while visiting monuments of the most famous Croatian authors, selected works of Croatian literature were read in Croatian and English language. As guides on the route, four students of the Technical School of Zagreb (accompanied by the school librarian Ms. Iva Grisogno and the Croatian language and literature teacher Ms. Barbara Šimović) have read several of the selected passages from Croatian authors. Memebers of Croatian book club (Ms. Marija Ajša Peuc, Tanja Marušić and Katarina Pandža ) have also joined the literary route.

In the afternoon we have visited Technical School of Zagreb where we were welcomed by Mr. Ante Akmadža, the principal. Project coordinators had a meeting, while other members of the team set up an exhibition of the drawings which travels through all the countries and grows with every book read.

As a part of the project, we held an international edition of our regular programe of virtual literary meetings „Writers on the net“. The guest of the occasion was Mr. Miroslav Mićanović and the meeting was hosted by Mirela Barbaroša (Education and Teacher Training Agency) and Predrag Pale (Aquilonis). Recording no.1 (LiveMeeting recording) and Recording no.2 (high quality).

After a day full of activities, kind cooks of the Technical School Boarding Home have prepared a dinner while the school's tambura band performed for our guests.

Second day started begun with a guided tour of the National and University Library in Zagreb and its collection of rare books. After that we visited Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing where Predrag Pale held a lecture „Reading in Digital Age“. We continued the introduction to Croatian heritage with a visit to Zagorje where we visited Kraneamus, Krapina Neanderthal Museum and Trakošćan Castle and the day ended with a stroll through baroque town Varaždin.

We would like to thank everyone who supported this project and enabled our guests to experience Croatia in all its glory! :)

The entire gallery can be seen and downloaded here!


Fifth project meeting: Turkey

After Croatia hosted the fourth project meeting in October 2013, beautiful Turkey took on the role of hosting the fifth project meeting in April 2014 and we embarked on the Silk Road in search of new literary treats. In the capital of the Old World, Istanbul on Bospor, a gorge between Europe and Asia, we experienced a rich literary culture surrounded by the scents and aromas of exotic spices, colours of Turkish tulips and monumental architecutral wonders of Aja Sofija and Blue Mosque and a string of incredible palaces and museums.

Kindness of our hosts from the Erenkoy Zihnipasa Pratik Kiz Sanat Okulu School enabled an unforgettable encounter with rich Turkish literature and we read poems of famous contemporary Turkish authors (Ran, Behramoglu, Ilhan, Kanik, Yucel, Sureya, Kisakurek, Bebhram, Akin, Cansever, Tanpinar, Inal, Akin).

The Croatian team (with members of Croatian book club: Tatjana Marušić, Jadranka Lisek i Marija Ajša Peuc) have enjoyed the dervish dance, the flavours of rahat lokum and the exchange of experiences with other teams (Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Denmark and Poland). We would like to greet the Iceland team which has not joined us this time, but were fondly remembered and we are looking forward to the visit to their country in which the next project meeting will be held.


Sixth project meeting: Iceland

The host of the sixth project meeting in June 2014 was the partner from the island state in the northern Atlantic, Iceland.  The literary work of Briana Pilkingtona "The 13 Santa Clauses“ , which we enjoyed, served as an introduction to this marvelous country.


Familiarizing with the language of this country was a little more problematic, even though we have tried on the webpage: .

We mostly communicated in English, which majority of Icelanders speak. 

 It was harder to read, because the combination of the letters does not necessarily mean you know how to read a word. We were introduced to the language by the partners on the project, as they held a lesson in Icelandic. Along the lessons in language, we were introduced to Icelandic literature and the works of the Nobel prize for literature winner for 1955. Halldór Kiljan Laxness (born asHalldór Guðjónsson).

We were thrilled by the Pingvellir national park, the Gullfoss waterfall, Haukadulur active geothermal valley and especially the geysirs. Predrag Pale, a member of the Croatian book club and Ms. Vesna Kezdorf, project manager for Croatia, represented Croatia with the aim to introduce Icelanders to Croatia's  cultural, human, artistic and other resources, as well as traditional affluence.







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